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About Me

I am a grade 5 DSA Approved Driving Instructor. I used to work for a national driving school but have now established my own successful - ELHAM Driving School.

Before becoming a Driving Instructor I was a Police Officer for 30 years. During my Police career I was involved in all aspects of road safety, and as part of the Traffic Division worked hard with other agencies to introduce Speed Awareness Courses in Kent – helping to educate drivers to become safer, responsible drivers.

I was taught to drive to a very high standard in the Police and spent a large part of my career driving vehicles on emergency calls. As a Driving Instructor, I am able to pass on some of my skills and experience to you.

I am friendly, honest, reliable and totally committed to helping you become a responsible, safe driver for life. All drivers are different and learn at different rates in different ways, therefore every lesson will be on a one to one basis with me and tailored to your individual needs and learning style.